About the site

The westcoastswingsongs.com website is for west coast swing dancers who are looking for west coast swing resources of dance videos and new and different westie tunes to dance to.

The site is a portal of songs and dance videos from that provides the service of introducing passionate west coast swing dancers to an online resource of new songs and dance videos.

Unlike other online west coast swing song resources, ours is, searchable, and is easy to navigate and get engaged in the online community that it allows.

These songs are recommendations and posts will be approximately every 2 days, with dance videos sprinkled in-between whenever interesting ones are found.

If a song does not work for West Coast Swing email us and the post will be adjusted.

Note that westcoastswingsongs.com owns none of these videos and they are all linked from Youtube or Facebook. New tunes will be posting as they are discovered. Hope that everyone will enjoy this!

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